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QuesoBoyz Clan Server Re-Platform

Move to Joomla for stability and capability.

The old site (if a site less than a week old can be called old) is implemented using php-Nuke. While this platform allowed the site to be launched in less than 24 hours with most of the features I was looking for in order to support our clan, there was a dark side. In addition to numerous bugs within the core platform there seemed to be show-stopper bugs in almost every available module added to the site. This required extensive testing and bug fixing (for a hobby site). In addition, the templates always seemed to ave holes where certain large elements of the site were left unstyled.

After looking around for an alternative it came down to Drupal or Joomla. Joomla was selected for this next attempt due to its more modern platform, extensive 3rd party support, multitude of books available, and popularity within the "connected" community. With this greater capability comes more complexity, so getting the site up will take more than a 24 our period. In addition, many modules will have to be selected to cover functionality that came out-of-the-box with the php-Nuke install from our hosting provider. Please bear with us while we sort out all of the new bits and don't forget to submit feedback in the Forums (when it gets installed, that is!).

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