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First up is the fact that TexasKenbo became the first to contribute to supporting our server. His generous donation will keep it running for another couple of months. He was not only the first, but so far the only member to support our server which brings me to the point of reminding everyone that putting up a server is an expensive proposition, with BF3 servers running at a premium over prior server types. Moral of the story? Click that donate button on the right!

Second, it looks like our seeding of the server this weekend has lead to it being in continual use for the last 24 hours - good news unless you used it for practice.

Last in the housekeeping bits is that I am considering removing the TS3 server and moving to Mumble. This is because we can get a Mumble server for 1/2 to 1/3 of the price of a TS3 server. If anyone has any strong objections to this for valid technical resons, make sure to let me know.

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