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LAN Party Spring 2014

LAN Party Spring 2014

LAN party @ Catapult on May 31

LAN Party is May 31 @ Catapult offices.
  • May 31: 100%
  • Games:
    • CS : GO - 100%
    • BF4 - 90%
    • L4D2 - 90%
The next was Guns n Gold @ 50%, but as Shannon said, with BF2142 @ $0.99 on Amazon and us having a 2142 server, we should maybe add that. This year, we will do 2 hour blocks and ROTATE games so we have some more variety.

BF3 Server Support

Server Housekeeping News

First up is the fact that TexasKenbo became the first to contribute to supporting our server. His generous donation will keep it running for another couple of months. He was not only the first, but so far the only member to support our server which brings me to the point of reminding everyone that putting up a server is an expensive proposition, with BF3 servers running at a premium over prior server types. Moral of the story? Click that donate button on the right!

Sell your stuff!

Classifieds now up and running

Use Classifieds to sell or ask for stuff!

The new Classifieds section on your User menu is a great place to put your old equipment up for sale. Adding a listing is easy. You can add a description, price wanted, and photo of the item you're ditching finding a new home for. If you are looking for something to acquire, post it in the Wanted section.

Site Testing Open

Site Testing Open

New site available for open testing.

Testing is closed and the site is now live.

I have the new site available for general testing now. Please test this thoroughly and leave all comments in the forums on the test site. Keep in mind that all content you put in the qa site sill be moved when this is pushed to production. So... You are encouraged to put real content in the reviews section and of course flame each other in the forums as usual.

Please don't put in crap comments, reviews, or anything else (Shannon aka Goober ;) ).

Generate reviews!

Write your own product reviews

Reviews help build community and allow you to vent or praise.

OK guys - here's your chance at fame and !fortune. We have a fairly robust reviews section on the site and I encourage you all to post one about any recent experiences with software or hardware. Please try to make these product specific rather than general "I like [Google|Apple|Roadkill]" statements.

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