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Hardware Cooler Master GX 750W

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GX 750W
Cooler Master Gaming series single rail power supply.

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Cooler Master GX 750W
Cooler Master GX 750W
Cooler Master GX 750W

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FragProvider Reviewed by FragProvider    August 10, 2011
Last updated: August 10, 2011
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Cooler Master Power on a Budget

I recently put together a XFire rig containing 2 AMD 6950 cards and running an AMD Phenom II 1100T processor. I had this power supply around that I had intended for another build but decided to try it in this rig instead.

There is nothing really special about the packaging but I'd rather they put money on the product anyway which, as I discovered later, they did. The power supply itself is powder coated black and all of the cables are sleeved. In my ATX mid-tower case that has the PSU mounted on the bottom all of the cables reached where they needed to with no issues, though there may be issues on a full tower case for the CPU 4+4 cable when the PSU is bottom mounted.

The PSU comes with enough PCI-e connectors for the 2 cards I was planning to use. There are not enough for 3 cards without using adapters though for a PSU of this size that would be kind of contraindicated unless you like the smell of fried PSU in the morning.

After I got everything connected I powered it up and started testing it. This PSU is able to handle gaming and Bitcoin mining with no issues at all as long as you keep it fed with fresh air. I normally build a machine and leave it on its side for a while until I know everything is working OK and then right it and tuck it where I want it to be. When I uprighted the machine and set it on a carpeted surface I encountered an issue. The carpet apparently restricted the airflow into the bottom of the PSU and caused it to overheat enough to shut it down when under load for several hours. After ensuring that airflow was unimpeded it has been purring along for a month now with no further issues. The heat problem was probably cause by the load putting it right on the edge of its capabilities and the extra heat caused the shutdown (with no harm done).

For a 750W PSU to handle the load this one has been subjected to is a testament to the build quility Cooler Master put into this product. This PSU can be had for right at $100 from NewEgg and should suffice for any normal gaming rig. This is only an 80+ certified rig and it has performed as well as some 850W 80+ Bronze power supplies I've used and the price is fair.


Solid power, adequate connectors, normal dimensions
No modular cables
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