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OK guys - here's your chance at fame and !fortune. We have a fairly robust reviews section on the site and I encourage you all to post one about any recent experiences with software or hardware. Please try to make these product specific rather than general "I like [Google|Apple|Roadkill]" statements.

Server Re-Platform

QuesoBoyz Clan Server Re-Platform

Move to Joomla for stability and capability.

The old site (if a site less than a week old can be called old) is implemented using php-Nuke. While this platform allowed the site to be launched in less than 24 hours with most of the features I was looking for in order to support our clan, there was a dark side. In addition to numerous bugs within the core platform there seemed to be show-stopper bugs in almost every available module added to the site. This required extensive testing and bug fixing (for a hobby site). In addition, the templates always seemed to ave holes where certain large elements of the site were left unstyled.

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